August 12th, 2023 Roosevelt National Forest POTA Activation


Lizzie, Pepper, and I made a run out to Mountain Park this morning for a quick POTA activation. It wasn’t busy but there were plenty of people walking around, one having a nice little cookout. I tossed my transformer wire EFHW into a tree and did some 10 watt ops. There was another contest going but I managed to hit some park-to-park contacts.

I wrapped up the park time with some FT8 to get over 10 contacts. I didn’t ever call CQ, just made other contacts.

One thing I ran into: I didn’t know the park number going up the mountain and ran out of cell service. I should have a list of all the park numbers in my binder. However, I did figure out that the Grid Square app has a handy feature that tells you which park you’re in.

For next time: