Howdy, this personal knowledge management (PKM) system is a place for me to collect my notes, thoughts, and reflections over time. But it shouldn't just be a dumping ground; hopefully it facilitates me reflecting on some of these things more often. I just set this up so it'll change over time. Most of the things in here should be considered authoritative and are likely to change over time. My opinions will change over time and I'll be learning more. I use [[KB/Personal Infrastructure/Obsidian|Obsidian]] because it's vanilla Markdown as it's base and when writing but has great multi-device sync. ## Document Spotlight [[Reflections on Installing Mailman3]] [[Fiverrizing]] [[Readable But Unique Spam Prevention]] [[Arc Browser The Amnesiac]] [[Unnecessary Hobbies That Interest Me]] ## Research Topics Here's a list of topics that I'd like to do some more research on and improve my Obsidian notes about: ```dataview LIST FROM #researchTopic ``` ## Services I Run |Service|[Status](| |---|---| |[PKM](|![](| |[](|![](| |[ listserv](|![](| |[FreshRSS](|![](| |[](|![](| |[Futurama](|![](| |[HTTP Bin](|![](| |IPFS Gateways|![](| |Hooli S3|![](| |`` IRC|![](| |ZNC|![](| |[](|![](| |[element](|![](| |[matrix]|![](| |nextcloud|![](| |[]( Gitea|![](| |[](|![](| |[Imaginary]( ([About](|![](| |[Shields](|![](| |[thatsprettyneat](|![](| ||![](| ### Annotation Project Services |Service|[Status](| |---|---| |Media Transcription Pipeline|![](| |[](|![](| Water is good. If I don't drink enough, I have to pay monies. ![]( ## Bets Some bets/hunches I've had ## 2023 ### Q3 - 2023-07-31; The platform formerly known as Twitter will change the primary domain to and break a bunch of permalinks. ### Q4 ## 2024 ### Q2 - 2023-07-31; Apple creates (published or leaked) an offer to buy Disney Studios ### Q3 - 2023-07-31; A24's move to grant the writer union demands means it is the dominant studio of the Summer 2024 movie season > [!info] > These pages and articles are living documents but facts and circumstances may have changed since publication. Please contact me before jumping to conclusions if something seems wrong or unclear. <a rel="me" href="">Mastodon</a>