In July 2023 I purchased all three of the TennTenna parts(?), going to build a couple antennas with them ## FT-140-43 SOTA POTA [ebay listing]( This one looks interesting, will probably put a 66 foot wire on it to get 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters in the park ## FT-240-43 100+ Watts [ebay listing]( I have a similar antenna ([[MFJ-1984LP 30W EFHW]]) and this would make a nice backup/alternate. ## Mini EFHW 49:1 Transformer 25W All Mote SOTA POTA [ebay listing]( This should be a very fun one to build an ultralight 20/10m or 40/20/15/10m POTA antenna with. Combined with my [[XIEGU X6100]] I could probably get pretty light. Trick here will be to use ring nuts to make the wires easily swappable. Might even try transformer/magnet wire. ## Build Borrowing from the [ARRL End Fed Half Wave Antenna (EFHW) Kit]( documentation. I should need to cut the following lengths of wire since the TennTennas are all 49:1's. > It’s easy to come up with many antenna varieties that you can match with this 1:49 impedance transformer. In theory, it’s possible to connect any half wavelength or a multitude of these to the transformer in order to get a resonant antenna. Here are a few examples: > - 16 feet of wire is a half wave for the 10-meter band. > - 33 feet of wire is a half wavelength for the 20-meter band and two times a half wavelength for the 10-meter band. > - 66 feet of wire is a half wavelength for the 40-meter band, but also a full wave for the 20-meter band, a double full wave for the 10-meter band, and three half-wavelengths for the 15-meter band.