Hello, Warbler

Welcome to Warbler a typeface by David Jonathan Ross which I’ve chosen to represent our family brand. A beautiful, elegant, but readable serif font which has some fantastic ligatures and looks neat on the web, in print, and at larger formats.

But, why?

When we were going through wedding planning, we spent some time looking at fonts and print design aesthetic and we generally were attracted to serif fonts. Remembering that process more, it was fun to think about the way that our messages are received and read. Just like how a company controls their brand image, we should as a family unit too!

Lizzie and I are both big readers and enjoy design - although we are not designers - and typefaces that evoke typeset books really speak to us.

A couple days ago I came to the realization that an intentionally selected font has had the most impact with other projects we’ve worked on and it may be why my blog hasn’t felt quite “me” yet. I started looking around for personal brand typefaces and discovered Warbler, which nearly instantly jumped out as a great long-format or “more adult” typeface. At first I was weighing picking it for a blog font but then realized that there’s likely a lot of writing that Lizzie and I will be doing as a family too.

So, I picked up a license that should cover me, my wife, and our PA’s use and our blogs. I’ll be playing with the typesetting to build out a “family brand” font set over the next few weeks!

Thanks for reading! Facts and circumstances may have changed since the publication of this post so it's worth checking for new posts to see if anything's changed before jumping to conclusions.

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