A terrifying C drive

For the last couple years this file server has been sitting at a full C:
drive almost constantly. It’d fill up and we’d find a couple megabytes of files to delete. Unfortunately someone deleted indexes of search databases and Windows update files so the source files couldn’t be automatically cleaned.

Finally the drive got to the point where the only things lefter were Windows event logs and those files. Running the “Disk Cleanup” tool would constantly return a couple KB of files but would balloon its own log file (CBS.log) in the process.

Frustratingly enough, there was plenty of free space on the logical volume as exposed by the RAID controller but the C drive was only given 39.9GB of that volume. 39.9GB! Because another partition was stacked right behind it there was no space for the C volume to expand.

The controller's disk was actually massive! But someone decided a very small C drive was cool.

So it was finally time to delete that latter partition and expand the C!

I made half a dozen copies of the data on the following volume and clicked delete partition… and sure enough… the whole system hourglassed… for about an hour…

This was quite a nerveracking time as I watched not much happen on the resource monitor. But it finally completed and I was able to expand the C volume.

The most relieving thing I've seen in weeks!

So we’ll see how the system performs now but some recommendations for the future:

Here’s to another 500GB on this C:\ drive!

Thanks for reading! Facts and circumstances may have changed since the publication of this post so it's worth checking for new posts to see if anything's changed before jumping to conclusions.

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