Yurt Field Day

We were fortunate enough to get Sean and Megan to come up and visit with their pups Tucker and Kita. This page contains some media from the weekend so we can share it with them!

We had a fun time playing Alice is Missing, Sean made some good food, and playing with drones.

Kita, Pepper, and Tucker hanging out under the table

Lizzie, Pepper, Megan, Kita, and Sean

Sean doing some manual surveying

The drone performing some manual surveying

An artsy surveying photo

Sean flying his big surveying drone, and me flying my FPV drone

There’s also some fun FPV drone footage from this weekend:

  1. Sean’s first FPV drone flight
  2. My third FPV drone flight wherein I fly into a wall
  3. Megan’s first FPV drone flight (1/2)
  4. Megan’s first FPV drone flight (2/2)
  5. Survey drone setup shots, and messing around
  6. More FPV messing around and drone setup
  7. Drone2Drone footage filming Sean’s survey drone (1/2)
  8. Drone2Drone footage filming Sean’s survey drone (2/2)

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